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That other firm in town just got a really great looking website. A few weeks later, they were at the top of every Google search in your area. Side by side your website isn’t bad compared to theirs, but you’re just not ranking the way you used to. Perhaps you never ranked in the results at all. They seem to have similar content as you have on your website, but for some reason, they are just doing better.

At this point, you may say to yourself that it doesn’t matter. Most of your business comes from trusted partners, referrals, and walk-ins. You might be thinking to yourself that your website doesn’t matter that much. I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong. That other firm, the one who just got the shiny new site, you may not realize it yet but they are hijacking customers right out from under you. Studies show that 81% of consumers do research online before they select a product or service. This is where your problem begins. If they can’t find you they can’t research information about you, but they can find information about your competitor. Remember that one who has the pretty website that just hit the top of the search ranks? That’s how they are stealing your business.

Think about what each new customer is worth to you. Creating new relationships and giving customers easy access to information about your organization, and helping them transition from looking to buying is vital to growth. Each new customer you create through your web channel is yet another opportunity to grow your referrals exponentially.

So what do you do? If you perform a simple web search you fill find hundreds of results from technology companies that offer solutions to CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers. Many of these companies have a uniform approach. They use templates, patterns, and designs that they know work. Quite a few of them have lists of accounting firms as their customers that are in the hundreds or thousands. Think about this. Their formula is being applied over and over again, and slowly that ocean is being filled with sharks, all ready to eat each other.

At DEVUPP Studio we believe each organization is unique. It is a combination of the people who support the organization, the culture the organization has created, and the range of services that company has to offer. You are unique. Your website should be unique, and not a formula designed for accounting firms that generally succeeds. We believe in best practices, and creating solutions for companies that highlight their strengths, bring notice to them locally, and help customers connect in a way that results in generating new business.

The time to start is today. Every day you don’t focus on improving your web presence (better content, better design, better workflow) is another day that your competition is taking customers from you. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow by focusing on what matters most, showing the people who are looking for your services the best possible version of yourself that you can. Help them navigate the busy Internet and find you. Help them work through the information presented on your site and easily make the decision to take the next step.

Let us help you! Our local websites, built for your organization start at $1,497. These simple sites are for companies who are just getting onto the web, and want to make a quick leap into getting seen. Our local SEO services start at $499, and can take your website from hidden to visible to those who are looking for you.

Contact us today at 888.884.8459 or fill out this quick form, and we can reach out to you!