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SEO firms are everywhere. It seems like every other invite on LinkedIn, every other advertisement on Facebook, and every other email is from a random SEO firm. It’s a hot market. With all that noise in the SEO world, it has become very hard to tell the good firms from the bad ones. If you don’t know much about the search engine optimization process it can also be hard to discern what services you really need and to understand what you’d be paying for. So let’s straighten a few things out.

First, SEO companies are not all the same. Many companies that perform SEO services really follow the same old heavily used patterns. They have a collection of people who write blogs, perform some on-page optimization, write press releases, and perform other similar SEO activities. In most cases, you will see the needle move when it comes to your traffic. Most companies provide some insight into your changing traffic patterns as evidence they are working hard for you.

This is where we are different. DEVUPP started its life as a company developing custom software and websites for our client. As such we decided we were going to focus heavily on being a user-driven development company. That means developing solutions for our client’s that focus on what the end-user wants. In the mobile app world, and in the website world that often means building a user interface that is driven by meeting user’s needs first, while ensuring our customer’s needs are also met, and considering how those two things marry together.

For us, this process is vitally important to providing good SEO services. We believe that turning a visitor into a buyer is simply about having a great experience. The better, easier, more clear experience will almost always drive your website visitor to convert. This means creating unique content, geared toward what customers will actually read, that provides them value, and gives them better understanding into your business. We don’t write spun articles or garbage articles filled with keywords that are designed to trick Google, but instead, write articles that contain deep connections to proper search engine optimization, and that can be read without confusion or causing the user to fall asleep from repetition or boredom.

Another point is using so-called “black hat” versus “white hat” techniques. There are unfortunately still many firms that will use whatever tactics they can to get sites to rank quickly. Many of these tactics will ultimately get you worse rankings as you start to get penalized for breaking Google and other listing engine’s rules. The best advice I can give you is, don’t fall for it.

Our team focuses exclusively on providing solid, proven, and trustworthy white hat SEO activities. We write quality articles. We publish TRUE news releases that are well optimized, we post on relevant blogs as a guest, and don’t use sites that we don’t believe contain quality content. We make original media marketing material, including memes, videos, and infographics that are designed to create interest, and give you additional sources to direct traffic back to your site.

At the end of the day, our goal is not just to bring you traffic, but to bring you the right kind of traffic. This means no click-bait, ever. We want the people we help get to your site to find value, because they came there on purpose, looking for your products or services. We don’t want them to come blindly and bounce. This means that we also offer services to optimize conversions on your website and help focus on keeping the traffic you acquire.

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