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At DEVUPP Studio we offer what we call our Local Web Design Package. This website package offers a custom designed website that fits our client’s needs and is targeted to website owners that have a need to find local customers and increase their local presence. Typically this is a company that offers a service to a limited area or sells physical products from their store location.

Our service is lightning fast, with a typical turnaround time of only two weeks. Our designs are completely mobile-ready, utilizing a responsive design that is targeted to common screen sizes on not just computers by most mobile devices. With this, we can ensure that the website not only looks great on every device, but is readable, fast, and easy to use.

Your website is an extension of your business flyer or business card, easily accessible by potential and existing customers. It provides information on your background, your experience, and other credentials; crucial in the decision-making process. Your website has become the central repository for how customers judge you, and it is critical that you provide links out to the places where customers can find information about your company, including Yelp and other rating and review sources.

We utilize the WordPress platform to create all of our local websites and include some of the industries best plugins for managing SEO and targeting local industry niches. If you have an existing website we will even migrate up to 30 pages of content to a new locally oriented website. We will include up to 15 premium stock photos, fully licensed to your site. We work with the SEO to target the right audience, the right local area, and work to ensure you show up in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  We include links to your social media services, a custom design favicon, and contact forms so people can reach out to you.

Remember, your website is your 24/7 portal for customers to gather information and should be the foundation for your digital marketing efforts. After setting up your local website, you should be attracting local leads that can turn into loyal customers. We will showcase your products, services, and the spirit of your business in such a way that customers can build trust and begin to engage without before they set foot in your store, or meet you in person. We a local web design you have a new, cost-effective engine built to communicate with your existing customers and to attract new ones in the right target market.

Our Process

Working with DEVUPP Studio is simple. We have an easy 4-step process that helps us deliver on-time and at the highest quality.

  1. Mock-up and Proposal – We begin by creating 3 unique mockups and letting you choose your favorite, or ask for revisions. We will create up to an additional 3 mockups for your review based on your suggestions. We do this to make sure the design is in line with what you want before we begin building your website.
  2. Initial Assessment and Development – Our next step is to assess your existing content and begin the processes of building the new site. If you have an existing site it is at this stage we will begin migrating content to the new site as well. We will purchase the images (up to 15) to add more pizzaz to your site and make improvements to the content based on your SEO needs.
  3. Feedback Implementation and Finalization – Next, we give the website to you to collect feedback before going live. This allows you to review the site, check for errors, and request changes if necessary. Once that is done we finish the development, implement and test any forms, and send the site to you for final acceptance.
  4. Deployment and Support – When the site is completed and has been accepted we will release it to your preferred hosting platform. In many cases, this is with us here at DEVUPP Studio. We offer competitively priced WordPress hosting that is fast and optimized for this type of site. After the launch, we provide two weeks of support for any issues or problems you have with the site itself or the installation of the site. After two weeks we offer a Monthly Web Maintenance Package that includes a number of features to ensure your website stays up to date.


Our pricing for the Local Web Design Package and the Monthly Web Maintenance Package is as follows:

  • Local Web Design Package – $1,497.00 (2 Week Delivery Turn Around)
  • Monthly Web Maintenance Package – $149.00 / Month

If you are interested in purchasing our Local Web Design Package or our  Monthly Web Maintenance Package, contact us at 888.884.8459 or email at