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The 60 Day Website Challenge

Keeping on top of our game can be a challenge. To that end, developing expertise, recognition, and skill involve repetition. In the web and mobile application development world finding enough clients to continue to build skill and expertise can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created The 60 Day Website Challenge.

Here are the basics. We will design 60 websites, 6 mobile applications, and 60 infographics in 60 days, and blog our experience. The goal here is to create unique things that build our teams experience and help showcase our talents.

The Rules

For this to be efficient there need to be some rules and some understanding.

  1. All websites will be unique.
  2. We will use something new on every website.
  3. if we discover something great we will use it for other websites.
  4. Websites will be for clients or those we need.
  5. A website will include a complete design and plan for content going forward.
  6. Websites will be built with proper SEO and with a basic SEO plan as part of the design.
  7. Each website will include at least 5 pages, with at least one form, and a contact page.
  8. Websites may not take one day to develop, but one website will be launched each day.
  9. All infographics we create will be unique, and the content well researched.
  10. Infographics will be relevant to our clients’ needs and given free of charge for this challenge.
  11. Infographics may not take one day to complete, but one infographic will be launched each day.
  12. We will blog on each infographic we create for this challenge.
  13. Mobile applications will be unique.
  14. Each mobile app will include a complete UX design.
  15. Mobile apps will include a complete UI design in Sketch 3.
  16. The mobile apps will be designed for iOS or Android.
  17. Mobile apps will be launched to the appropriate store.
  18. Mobile apps may not take ten days to complete, but one will be launched every ten days.
  19. We will blog on each app we release for this challenge.

Your Opportunity

If you are interested in receiving an infographic free of charge, please let us know. If you’d like a new or updated website as part of our challenge, please let us know as well. During this challenge, we are only charging $999 per website. You can call us at 888.884.8459. We’d love the opportunity to work with you!

Finally, if you are in the market for a mobile application let up know. The cost of a mobile app during this 60-day project will be $4,999. There will limitations to the functionality and content of mobile applications and they will be limited to one platform. If you are interested please call us or email us at with your app idea!