We’ve heard you say it DEVUPP is a weird name. We know. We want you to read our name, think about how to pronounce it, and wonder what the heck it means. Our goal isn’t to be written off as yet another cloud company with an odd name. Our name has a purpose, and that purpose is doing things right. DEVUPP, in short, means Develop Up Please. It’s a short way to say Design down and develop up please. 

Now that you know what it means, you probably still don’t know what it really means. In the software development world things often progress following an engineering flow. This engineering flow is antique, literally. The thought process behind it was to create something small and build onto it, making it progressively more complex, until it was unmanageable, and then reengineer it. If you had an idea of what the complexity would be it mean engineer it to work as robust as possible. This created what call “pyramid” systems. These systems have these huge bases (databases, documentation, plans, features, etc), with a tiny little interface at the top (what was actually implemented) and cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars to build. They often didn’t produce that much in the way of results and companies from the size of 2 employees to thousands were left jaded and disappointed.

Changing these systems was like trying to realign a planetary orbit. So that’s where DEVUPP comes in. Our approach is simple. Start by designing something someone will use, something simple. Don’t build it, just design it. Then, get feedback on that design. Alter it as necessary to align it with the experience the user is looking for. Once you have that, then build it. Engineer the underlying systems not for all the possibilities that could become part of the system, but as part of a scalable framework that implements only what you have designed. Then you have what we call a “skyscraper.” 

This simple change takes less time, costs significantly less, and positions you to make improvements at a pace more rapid that other organizations are typically able. So, whether you are a development company, or a company developing a product consider DEVUPP as your next methodology to implement.