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The DEVUPP Story

In March of 2015, a small group of software developers found themselves staring right into the face of a major problem. After spending years developing amazing software, where in the world were customers going to come from? The answer wasn’t clear, and the group of technically minded professionals knew that some research was in order.

After a great deal of effort, learning, trial, and error the team found the answer. When they did, it was eye-opening. After 15 years of watching the economy rise and fall, and watching customers startup, and ultimately fail they realized this question, this problem was really a problem that nearly everyone in business had. Where does the business come from? The businesses that can answer that question survive, and the ones that can’t simply don’t make it.

At DEVUPP Studio that question and its answer created a passion that is hard for us to control. As a small business, and a technology company we knew we had to create better access to information and the services that can help businesses answer this question for themselves. That’s where DEVUPP Studio began. We recognized that marketing using the web is one of the major needs and pitfalls that any company can deal with. It can be the great equalizer, or it can be an endless hole into which companies toss their hard-fought money.

To that end, DEVUPP Studio decided to create a team of easy to work with experts that can assist companies at any stage in developing their web presence, mobile applications, attracting traffic, and staying compliant with changing rules in the search engine market. Our goal is to bring clients new business, help them convert visitors into leads and sales, and to help businesses increase their revenue without uncontrolled guess-work based spending in the web marketing world.

At the end of the day our hearts are with small and emerging businesses, but we support companies of any size. We are web designers, web developers, and programmers. We can build what your company needs to make it to the next step in your pathway to success.


DEVUPP Studio is a part of SIMVISR LLC with our headquarters in Clifton, Colorado. Though we are small we have an extensive support network and access to experts around the world. We understand the struggle and battles associated with new startups and running small businesses. Our team has worked with clients ranging in size from one-person-shows to Fortune 500 and United States Government entities. We’d love to work with you as well!


`- Brian M. Kennedy, CEO

* Please note: DEVUPP Studio is not affiliated with DEVUPP, LLC or Arizona or DEVUPP, LLC of Utah.