The $80/month trick to DOMINATE LOCAL SEARCH resuts

Top your competitors in local searches with 50+ listings, and access to map performance details!

Yes, I want to dominate my local searches

Over half of your competitors don’t know this trick.

Imagine just how many more leads you could be getting every month if you found a way to stay at the top of local searches for your service in your area. This simple $80/month trick can ensure you are listed in the top 50 plus directories and lists, and give you a major boost on nearly every major search engine.


Improved online visibility and credibility

Listing your website in relevant directories and lists enhances its visibility to search engines, establishing credibility and trustworthiness. This, in turn, can lead to higher search engine rankings, especially those associated with local searches. With our listing service and the associated best practices we use this will help you get to the top of map based searches, local searches, and searches targeted to specific areas.


Increased brand exposure and targeted traffic

Directories and lists are popular resources for individuals seeking local businesses. By being listed in these platforms, you expand your online presence, increase brand exposure, and attract more targeted traffic to your website. On top of this, these sites spend their time and marketing dollars attracting Google and other search engines to list them, increasing your exposure and access by relation!


Valuable backlinks for SEO

Directories and curated lists often provide valuable backlinks to your website. These backlinks contribute to your website’s overall link profile and boost its credibility, leading to improved search engine rankings and visibility, especially in relevant directories. The 50+ directories we list with are general listing services, and are all relevant to your site by category, and will help achieve better positioning for you in searches. We make sure they have the right information (address, phone, name, etc), and that it stay up to date, even if competitors target you for misinformation (sadly, it happens…).

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Peter Drucker

Some companies are acing the game, the hard way.

I did it all myself.

I created 50 accounts on 50 websites and I spend about 10 hours a month checking my listings and making sure they all have the right addresses and phone numbers, and that no changes have been made.

– Anonymous Dude with way too much time

A found this app…

I totally found an app that can do it for me. It was free for three months and now I have to pay $199 per month. It was cool at first, but now I’m leaving one star ratings left and right because they keep billing me.

– Mrs. Oops, Did I agree to that?

Does it really matter?

I have way too much to do already to worry about that, does it really matter anyway? That is what I used to say until I realized that one of my competitors gets all the business because they are always at the top of the map in searches…

– Sincerely, Regretful

I built my own…

I am really glad I have been able to put my computer science degree to work. My website and my aunt’s are ranking at the top. It only cost me $80,000 and four years of my life, totally worth it.

– Your Friend, Hoping for Student Debt Forgiveness

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”
Wendy Piersall

That’s where DEVUPP Studio’s $80 Dominator Plan Comes In…


Find the missing or broken listings

In your first month we find all of the listings you currently have, fix the ones that are broken and add the ones that are missing. We have found most companies have less than five correct!


Watch and update

Each successive month we look for additional directory opportunities, unauthorized changes, and updates you may have to your information. We keep the existing directories up to date and add any new ones.


Watch the map, get the leads

We keep an eye on your local map searches, find out what people are searching for and update your directory listings to help you place better by targeting real, live, local, active searches – people who want or need your business, and perhaps found someone else last time.

Enough said, let’s get this party started.

What Makes Us Different From Others?


Our prices were created to ensure that ANYONE can access them. We focus on creating pricing that small businesses, local companies, and privately owned businesses can afford and thrive with.


Real people work on our team and deliver real results. This is not a “set it and forget it” service. This is person on the DEVUPP Studio team who cares about your success working every month to ensure progress!


Our team has specialized in digital marketing for 20 years, from website development to content creation, and from ad management to organic SEO, our team of experts knows what to do.


There is always something more that can be done, our experts love to help and guide people to get better results, we create trust by giving advice and guidance at no cost.


We guarantee our quality. If our service does not work, cancel, get your money back, and keep what we have done for you. We stand by our work, so you can too.


We focus on local. That means building communities, building connections, and making friends with neighbors. Our services were created to help the little guy, every day.

You can cancel at any time, or better yet –
if you are growing take the next step.

Our aim is to get you more search traffic – which means more people calling, more people emailing, more people visiting your website, and ultimately more business and more revenue. If this does not accomplish that for you – cancel at any time. We do not believe in billing for producing no results. If however, this helps you grow, which we suspect it will – there are TONS of options to go even further.

What Should You Expect?

Our Dominator program was designed to help you get to the top of the map searches on major search engines. We’ll show you results every 15 days, and work with you to understand what helps you best – more people in your shop, more calls, more website visits, more visits to your online profiles…

  • Results can take 15-30 days, so we ask you to give us at least two months, but guarantee our results with a 100% refund.

  • We keep in touch to make sure you are getting the right kind of results, real people, real calls, or real visits.

  • The bottom line is more traffic, more business, more revenue.

Why do directories and lists even matter?

We have said it before but the search engines love to represent love, and nothing shows love like being listed all over the place. We take the 50+ lists and directories that are geared towards local searches, relevant categories, and are approved by the major search engines, and blast your name, address, phone number, and business information our to ALL OF THEM. No this isn’t some “we’ll put you in thousands of irrelevant directories internationally” kind of service. This is targeted, designed for local businesses, and wired to help you get found and get more business, ASAP.

This matters because major search engines care about where you are listed, who is linking to your website or online profile, and importantly how many people are clicking through to learn more about you.

  • Targed toward local directories and lists

  • Based on your area and business type

  • Hand Checked and Maintained

  • Done quickly, and monitored weekly for map search progress

You are just 60 days from DOMINATING the competition.

Here’s how this goes…5…4…3…2…1…LAUNCH.


Week One and Two

We analyze your position and listings on day one. Then over the course of the first week we update and fix any listings you have. At the beginning of week two we look at the local maps, and update for things actually being searched for.


Week Three and Four

We look at the maps again, and run any necessary updates to help you get more targeted traffic. We talk to you and find out how you want to get results – in shop, online, to a specific profile, or called in. We change the targets to get those results.


Week Five and Six

We check for black hat work, hijackers, and other bad players to make sure they haven’t requested unauthorized changes to your listings. We fix any problems, and analyze your traffic. We make small tweaks to ensure you are getting the results you expect.


Week Seven and Eight

We report on the results, cross-check your success, and keep on going if everything is working according to plan. We give you access to the details like how many people say your listings, how your traffic has changed, and we both know if this is working for you.

“I get more calls now than 10 years of yellow pages ads…”

Andy Nack, Owner

Dominating his local maps, and utilizing other digital marketing services to ensure he gets a high number of customers calling his shop, searching for directions, and scheduling appointments from end users and insurance companies.
Ask us about how to target multiple audiences like consumers and other businesses.

Imagine This Day: You ALWAYS GET FOUND.

Referrals are great. Repeat business is the boss. Being found on major search engines first is like both, put together. You get the trust of a reference through the search engine, and if they have done business via a search before its like earning the trust of a repeat customer.

How many competitors do you have in your area? How different could your business look if they looked at your company first, every single time they searched? Could you imagine 90% of the business in your local area being yours to lose, instead of fighting for it?

There is always more that you can do, but this is the place to start. Get noticed, get seen, be in first place.

Awesome. I get it, let’s get started.

That’s not all. Queue the infomercial music.

Bonus 1: Local Website Booster Book

Get our short e-book about 7 things you can do on your website today to improve your local results. This seven easy to implement tips will get you even more opportunities to get in front of local customers.

Bonus 2: Get Local Email Series

We will send you 5 emails across 5 weeks that give you a solid and easy to implement tip on how to attract more local customers. Everything from using the right social media to things you can print and distribute.

Bonus 3: Guaranteed Pricing

Our commitment right now is guaranteed pricing for 3 years. We won’t raise the price on you for this service as long as you stay active for AT LEAST the next three years. $80 per month, and you stay dominating. Beat that.

The “Dude, You Suck”
Guarantee: 2-Month Refund

If we have not met your expectations after two months, we will refund 100% of your fee, and let you keep all the directory and listing updates we made for you. We believe in the honor system, and believe you’ll be happy with our service.

  • No fees and nothing held back, if you aren’t happy you’ll receive $160.00 within 24-hours of requesting it.

  • No guilt, no shame, no questions. We get it. It works or it doesn’t.

  • We still want to be friends, but if you want us to go away we will – that means we’ll still message you from time to time, unless you tell us to shove off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

Ans: Yes! Cancel in the first 60 days and you will recieve a full refund for your first 60 days of service. Cancel anytime after that and you will receive a refund for the month you canceled in.

Q. Do you offer other marketing services?

Ans: Yes! DEVUPP Studio is a full-service digital marketing agency oriented toward local retailers, service providers, and restaurants. We offer a complete suite of services from website development to ad management.

Q. How long have you been in business?

Ans: DEVUPP Studio was founded in 2015 and created from a brain-trust of individuals with over 20 years of digital marketing, website development, and sales experience.

Q. How do you measure the effectiveness of your results?

Ans: We not only track the amount of traffic coming from listing sites to your website and profile, but we check in with you to ascertain increased visits, call volumes, and other results, and present those to you in an easy to digest monthly report. 

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