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Creative and Brilliant.  Nerds + Hipsters* = Awesome.

Is there a superhero that fixes retail? How about a demigod who magically improves the e-commerce running out of the back of your store? Nope, we checked. So, we took the world’s geekiest data nerds and asked them to work with the trendiest art-loving hipsters. Cosmic forces aligned and DEVUPP Studio was the result. Awesome solutions for physical retailers with e-commerce. You’re welcome.


Make Your Main Street Retail Go Supersonic with DEVUPP Studio. Nerds + Hipsters*

3 Ways DEVUPP Studio can help you. Like Today.

(the Nerds had 179 and the Hipsters had 2, we agreed on 3)

Physical Retail Traffic

Beat the game to get increased foot traffic, connect with more shoppers, and get people to remember you. Get them coming back again and again.


E-Commerce Traffic

Make a splash on the Internet and connect with real shoppers, increase your average ticket size, and make e-commerce a valuable part of your operation. 

Additional Exposure

Connect with other local stores, organizations, and opportunities to be seen. Increase sales OUTSIDE of your store, and drive more revenue.

Our work is amazing. Like fine coffee. Except you will get hurt if you drink it.

We specialize in helping retail organizations find their voice, connect with shoppers, and increase revenue.

Clever crafty creatives, all in one can. Please do not shake.

* Just what is “MAIN STREET” Retail with E-Commerce?

When we say “Main Street” retailers we do not just mean stores on a street called main in a city near you. We are talking about shops that are in a dense contained multi-retailer space. This could be a shopping mall, a strip of stores filled with businesses lining the streets, or even a downtown area filled with offices and shops. The real thing we are talking about is privately owned shops surrounded by other shops, where people can walk, shop, and enjoy their time. These elements make up the specialized methods we have to increase sales, connect with people better, and help your organization generate more profit. 


Our goal is to help organizations like this connect not only with the people in their community, but across the country with better e-commerce activities. We help these main street companies find their voice, make it loud, and be heard from sea to shining sea. If you need more foot traffic in your store, and more buyers online – get in touch with us today! 


From cheeky brands to refined store fronts we have you covered. We specialize in developing deep branding that encourages your shoppers to remember you, fall in love, and keep coming back, both online and in-store.

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Main Street Retailers with E-Commerce. Local Business Gone National.


Toasted Pixie, Grand Junction, Colorado
Focusing on Fun and Slightly Offensive Gifts

Front of Toasted Pixie
Store Front
Toasted Pixie Website

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