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Nerds + Hipsters = Awesome.

We took the world’s geekiest software nerds and forced them to work with the trendiest hipster designers. Cosmic forces aligned and DEVUPP Studio was the result. You’re welcome.

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(the nerds had 179 and the hipsters had 2. We agreed on 3)


A different approach to the mobile & web development process that will leave you more relaxed than a yoga retreat in India.



Effective marketing, branding, design, and advertising that are heart-stopping, eye-popping, and other conditions that you may have to google. 


We locked the nerds in the brig and let the hipsters pilot the ship to give you and your users the best possible experience. Pirate theme optional matey.

Our work is amazing. Like fine coffee. Except you will get hurt if you drink it. 

Clever crafty creatives, all in one can. Please do not shake.

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No marketing or technology personalities were hurt (or offended) while making this website.

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