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Our team focuses on delivering elegant, cost-effective, and efficient solutions including mobile applications, websites, marketing projects, and much more to small businesses, start-ups, and emerging companies.

What we do

DEVUPP Studio plans, builds, and assists in the marketing and distribution of mobile and web applications, and businesses with a web-driven client base.


UX Research

Our team performs dedicated and intensive research of your market to best understand your customer needs and desires.

Development Strategy

Our Development and DevOps teams can help you plan out your mobile or web application development from start to finish.

Software Development

The expert software engineers in our Development team can craft your software with your input and deliver a product your customers will love.  

Business Strategy

Our focus on start-ups, small business, and emerging companies allows us to focus on helping those company developing winning business strategies. 

Web and Graphic Design

Our designers will assist you in creating brand elements, online marketing, social media content, and product visuals that will impress your audience and win customers.

Marketing and Growth

Our Web Marketing team can assist local businesses, start-ups, and small businesses achieve growth and exposure through managed marketing and automation tools.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

If you have a great idea, we can help bring it to life. Our unique team of professionals has worked with companies ranging from Fortune 500 Giants to Federal Government Departments needing high-tech solutions, all the way to small one person service shops. We help companies that really need an advantage, and bring ideas to the table that can help shape your concept into a growing business.

Why we are different

DEVUPP Studio was founded on the principle of design first, develop second. Our name, short for “Design down, develop up principle” means just that. By focusing on creating a winning design and user experience that your customers and potential customers will love we start your project on a trajectory for success before software development even begins. This reduces mistakes and headaches that often come up in the development process later. By developing from the ground up, instead of from the top down, we create a strong foundation without overbuilding the product and wasting money.

Our Latest Work

DEVUPP Studio has been working on building mobile applications, e-commerce projects, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as the cryptocurrency and the block-chain space.

Our Skills

Our well-rounded team of deeply experience professionals can take nearly any project from start to finish. Our network of consultants, ad-hoc experts, and gurus will help take your business to the next level. 

At DEVUPP Studio we have cultivated a culture of constant learning. Our staff and consultants focus on continuously improving their skills. When working on a project for a client we strive to provide only the best resources for every project to ensure a great experience for our customer and the most efficient process for achieving your goals.

Our team consists of professionals from around the world with years of experience delivering amazing projects for customers of all sizes and types. Our industry experts help us get answers quickly, and our access to subject matter experts help us create winning content, concepts, and applications for our clients.

  • Project management – expert
  • Design and User Experience – Expert
  • Marketing, Content, an Social Media – Expert

If you are ready to start your next project, or have an idea that you know can be the next world-changing project, call us at 

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