About US

Here’s The story…

of a lovely hipster, who had hired three hipsters of her own. All of them had fancy jackets, like their employer, the youngest one a beard.

Here’s the story, of geeky nerd boy, who was busy with three developers of his own. They were four basement dwellers, working all together, yet they were all alone. 

Till one day when the hipster met this nerd boy, and they knew it was much more than mumbo-jumbo, that this group must somehow form a business, that’s why they all become DEVUPP Studio.

Or something like that…


We jest when we call them nerds. They are geniuses. Masters of the keyboard. We search for the best engineers and development talent around the world. Our expert staff has worked on mobile applications, enterprise applications, and more from companies on the Fortune 500 to corner stores. 


Okay, they may not all be hipsters but our marketing professionals, designers, and user experience specialists bring a whole new approach to the table. We think about people first. What do they want, what do they care about, and we reach them where they are. We build things people straight-up LOVE.


When you combine the organized, efficient, and downright calculated expertise of our engineers with the boundlessly diverse thought processes of our creatives you get something truly awesome, every single time. Great content, great concepts, with a little tiny splash of wow.

DEVUPP Studio focuses on building strong brand messages from straight-up serious to seriously weird.

DEVUPP Studio was founded as the convergence of a digital marketing agency and an application/mobile development firm. The result is a truly amazing hybrid of services and talents optimized for building great software that people love and creating engaging marketing campaigns that pull like a magnet. Our totally unique process, call DEVUPP – short for “the design down, develop up plan” focuses on experience first and lets the goals of that experience guide the engineering for software and frame the ideas for campaigns and marketing messages.


That is why we win. 

Have you ever heard of a super-smart hermit that hides out in a basement writing code and eating sandwiches all day? Sure we all have. How about an angry and detached millennial coffee-snob that can critique your outfit and teach you how to properly feng shui your home? Again, we all know one or two of them. 

We went a different way, our lovable almost-morlocks and caffeine-addicts also love people back.  We found the weird ones, the ones who broke the mold, and built a team of superstars out of them. 

our Work

DEVUPP Studio focuses on software development, mobile application, and digital marketing services for companies building strong, recognizable, and unique brands. DEVUPP Studio is part of a portfolio of companies owned by SIMVISR, and creates and delivers the magic that helps not only our sister companies thrive, but also a growing list of other customers who want our WAY BETTER than the average service, quirky personalities, and extremely well engineered processes.  

Please talk to us.

We are recovering lonely people.


Now is your chance. Use this nifty form below to send a message to one of our experts. Want to get a project started? Want to find out why nerds have so many allergies? Want to figure out why hipsters can drink so much coffee and not die? Send us a message. 

Oh. Yeah. We have no idea why they have so many allergies, but it’s a thing.