8 Ways to make your website more effective

by | Mar 23, 2021

A Beginners Guide to Creating a Website Audit

Hey, there all you nerds and hipsters! We know it can be hard to find time in your schedule that isn’t doing yoga and tracking down your favorite java joint, so we thought we would offer you a quick guide on creating a website audit!

I know what you’re thinking, why audit my website when I can be battling dragons, but hear us out, we promise we won’t keep you long. You will have plenty of time to trim your beards and straighten your glasses.

If you want your website to flow the way energy flows after a nice downward-dog, then learning and creating a website audit is important! It is all about design, the analysis of factors that lure people into your website, and getting insight into your website’s traffic. In other words, it is like the magical crystal ball that allows for one to not only see the future but how the future is being paved. I know, if only we could all have one of those, picking out the right flannel to go with the right beanie for the day wouldn’t be as hard.

Now, let’s get into the details. Isn’t it always all about design? Design of your website is the first thing that welcomes your users, design to make your website functional and attractive, design of your favorite suspenders brand. Design makes all the first impressions, and in this business of marketing, first impressions say it all. And as we all know(because we are the hip people), the brain likes to function under low stress, otherwise, what would all of the meditation be for? With a website audit, all the numbers and analysis on your website is easier to understand and comprehend, meaning less stress when finding ways to make your website more attractive and efficient.

Here are 8 tips for Design and UX audit:

1. Have a clear and easy page structure to navigate content. A header, footer, titles on all content breaks. These will all help when a user is navigating your page.

2. If you want to make sure you are not starving your audience of all your beautiful content that you even took time away from crafting new action figures, just add some color. Put in some photos, break up the content with a thing we like to call “white space.” Put in some headers and titles, make it as attractive as watching the opening to Star Wars for the hundredth time.

3. While you are at it, why not through in a little extra razzle-dazzle with design breadcrumbs! Put in some links, put in some footer notes, maybe add a way to track and see where users go first.

4. As the geniuses and the trendiest people here, throw in some buttons, CTA links, anything that users can interact with!

5. Now it would be a waste to have all this work done and have it turn out as well as a failed protest for cage-free eggs, so make sure the content matches the web design and the company brand! Make it all blend nicely like a morning smoothly where you can’t even taste the kale!

6. Imagine a world where there was only one type of video game, only one brand of antioxidant tea. I know, scary! So, to make your website audit, make sure it can render on all devices. That way users can access it on a tablet, laptop, even on their phone after a long detoxifying hike!

7. Placement is key, as some of you have found out when making your first chess opening. So, put the CTA within the first ⅓ of the user’s screen.

8. Finally, just double-check that all the design elements complement each other, share a similar style, and have a smooth transition. Things like your headers, the typography used, the colors chosen, photos, background illustration, logos, are all design elements to take another look at.

After some of the creation, you will be able to see clearly the navigation is more concise and clear for users, that the users are now using your CTA and that your session duration has grown!

Just a few more quick notes to add:

1. Include a call to action at the top of the page! Get the users aware of all the trendy and geniuses qualities that they can be a part of! But, don’t overload the page, only include 3 max call to action buttons. We wouldn’t want to mess with the Fung Shui, besides, why mess with perfection?

2. Rearrange the content so that the most important is first, and keep an eye on the type of structure. Whether bullet points, paragraph style, just make sure it is all concise and clear, and the most important comes first. Just like putting the garnish on top of the Japanese sushi rolls.

3. Make sure there is a drive to the CTA for users. Like when flying a dragon, you want to make sure you are stirring straight ahead!

4. Double-check that all the tracking tools are set up and functioning correctly and quickly to give yourself an accurate standing of numbers. We wouldn’t want any crooked yoga poses! We have to make all the poses stand up in proper alignment.

Now, you are all set to go forth and conquer this website audit! I hope this article was as helpful and as beneficial to you as a nice cup of organic green tea!